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We boost legal processes by leveraging data and tech.

So who is 'Bayside' really?

Engineers and Lawyers: Craftsmen, all.

We are a team of lawyers and technologists with rich professional experience across industry verticals. We provide custom automation solutions designed to make legal processes faster, better, and safer. We provide consulting services in legal tech and have a proven track record of helping companies introduce new technologies and adopt company-wide systems. ‘Carta’ is our document automation service, and can be used as-is, or with custom modifications to suit your organisation’s needs.

CARTA: Power up your templates!


Carta's intuitive interface makes drafting a breeze! Pick a template, answer questions, and you're done.


Carta lets users create error-free contracts in a flash. Time is money, yours is precious!


Carta weaves math, complex logic, and custom detectors into a seamless legal algorithm.


Carta is a chameleon - it adapts to your templates, and can accommodate any conditions you want to set.


Carta takes security seriously. Your drafts are for your eyes only. Sleep easy.


Carta comes with white-glove training and support. Our team is just an email or a phone call away.


Meet the crew

Ashwini Mukund

Founder and tech brain of the team. She is powered by coffee, revels in jazz, and reads futuristic sci-fi written in a distant past. Ashwini holds a Master’s degree in CS from NCSU, Raleigh. Most recently, she worked on storage as an R&D Engineer with Samsung.

Bhavin Patel

Bhavin graduated from NLSIU, Bangalore and has 15 years’ experience across the legal, technology, and education industries. He helped launch and scale two start-ups, and has in-house counsel, corporate law firm and independent practice experience. Proud pet parent, squash fanatic, and amateur theatre actor.


Integrations for efficient workflows.

Carta is designed to be a team player! We’re working on a number of integrations and partnerships that ensure full compatibility with all your favourite enterprise applications.

Carta is proud to partner with EisenVault! EisenVault takes away the hassle of managing documents by storing them in both electronic and physical forms, enabling smart-search and deploying quick retrieval measures. EisenVault’s innovative cloud-based document management system can be used in multiple industry sectors, and caters to specific requirements of various job roles.


We have worked with several customers across the country to help analyse, automate, and improve legal and non-legal processes. Here are some of them:

Let's Get In Touch.

We would be happy to discuss your automation and legal tech requirements, and help you find solutions that are appropriate to your requirements. For any enquiries, please contact Bhavin Patel at:

+91 90470 50022